July 2015 newsletter (1)  Our next “big thing” will be an opportunity to “Do Something Grand” on Grandparents Day, September 13.  We are hoping to have a day filled with thankful recognition of the gift of grandparents and those people who have been like grandparents to us.  As part of that thankfulness, we will be inviting everyone to join with us in participating in a day of service to our community.  God’s Work, Our Hands day is also on September 13.  On that date ELCA congregations across the nation engage in public service in their communities as a way of visibly demonstrating their faith at work.  We at Good Shepherd will be building therapy devices for persons living with Alzheimer’s Disease and making activity mats for Alzheimer’s patients, but we hope to have other service activities as well.  Read all about this  (and the latest news!) in our July-August newsletter by clicking the link at the beginning of this paragraph.