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Every Thursday we gather to discuss how our faith is often presented in works of fiction.  This fall, we are looking at the theme of humanity’s struggle to be like God as revealed in scripture, and in fictional writing.  We’ll start with reading the Book of Jonah and selections from the Book of Genesis. We will also read the myth of Prometheus and the classic Victorian era novels, Frankenstein  and Dracula.  Our format is to have discussion about the week’s assigned readings for thirty minutes and then conclude with spoken word Evening Prayer.  All are welcome to participate in these lively (and thought provoking)...

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June 2014 Newsletter

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This edition of The Shepherd’s Fold focuses on June being the Global Mission Month at Good Shepherd, the Celtic Benefit Concert, a Hike at Pineland Farms (see all upcoming events), and some volunteer opportunities this summer. As always, we also include the Pastors Column and June Birthday and Anniversaries. Read the June 2014 edition of The Shepherd’s...

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