Murder Most Green and Other Mysteries

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Highlights from this month’s newsletter: Put on your deerstalker cloak, your fore and aft caps and grab your magnifying glasses: it’s time for all great detectives to gather to solve this year’s mystery: Murder Most Green. The citizens of Blarney are invited to a St. Patrick’s Day party to honor Patrick Flaherty, owner of Flaherty’s True Green Plant Nursery. When they arrive they find out that Flaherty had died the previous night after a celebration of the nursery’s centennial year. Instead of a party, the guests are attend- ing Flaherty’s wake, the likes of which would make Ireland proud. Family members and acquaintances pay their respects to Flaherty and, in the process, drop hints that Flaherty’s death might be more than accidental. Although rumors persist that all is not well, the family has maintained an outward calm, denying all rumors of a rift. The business seemed to be going well until Pat- rick Flaherty’s body was found in the pond at the nursery. Who would want to plant Patrick in a watery grave? And why is security so intense at the nursery? These Mystery Theater evenings are our major fundraiser to support Warm Thy Neighbor, our local fuel assistance program which begins its operations in December. Funds are vitally needed at this time. If you plan on attending please sign up on the bulletin board in the gathering area. We need folks to bring finger food items to share with our guests. If you would like to help decorate for this event, set up will be on Friday Nov. 14 at 10:00 am. The Bell/ Ambrose clan have provided decorations but helpers would be much appreciated in set up. Happy Birthday, Alice Johnson! To download the entire newsletter, click the link below:  November 2014...

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